Alka’s Chicken Curry WW=? treatment (1/2 CUP)

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Minutes to Prepare: 10

Minutes to Cook: 35

Number of Servings: 6



several. 0 lbs skinless boneless chicken thighs or rooster breasts 3 medium measured onions 2 big garlic – or 1 pot of crushed tomatoes ¾ th cup of very low fat sour cream ½ cup of yoghurt 11/2 cup of finely slice cilantro (optional) 2 twigs of cinnamon 2 clean leaves 3 black cardmomon pods (optional) 1 tbsp of cumin seeds a couple of tbsp of ginger stick 2 tbsp of garlic oil paste ½ tsp involving turmeric powder 1 tea spoons of chilli powder salt



1 ) Cut chicken into 11/2 inch cubes. Transfer in the deep bowl. Add ¼ th cup sour ointment, ¼ th cup involving yoghurt, half of turmeric and garlic paste, salt (2 tsp). Mix extensively and marinate for a couple of -4 hours (in fridge). installment payments on your Finely chop onions and tomatoes. 3. Acquire oil in the pan. High temperature it well– add cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, cumin seeds and cardamom to be able to it. Add onions to be able to it. Fry till that they turn light brown ( I cook them in high – constantly stirring). Add the remainder involving ginger and garlic pastes with it. Stir. Add garlic. Add chili, turmeric powder snow and salt (1 tsp). Cover and cook in medium flame. Stir at times. If the tomatoes are effectively done (the oil have to come out), add typically the cup of chopped cilantro leaves, and stir. In the event that you are using depressed tomatoes, there is not any need of in the griddle, just keep stirring right up until the oil comes out and about – it should look privately involving the baking pan. Put remaining wrong cream and even yoghurt. Blend and abandon it to be able to cook on the subject of high channel for concerning 8-10 a few minutes stirring at times. Add typically the marinated rooster. Stir effectively, cook included on low-medium for 40 – forty five minutes or perhaps till typically the chicken receives done. Adapt how much salt and chili powder. Put remaining cilantro just ahead of serving. Serve chicken curry with rice or bakery (flat bread works typically the best) I do think the Healthy eating plan calculator is simply not adding effectively. Someone mentioned that that Number of Servings: 6th Recipe submitted by SparkPeople user HCHATTERJEE.

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