Audrey’s crockpot chicken and dumplings

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Number of Servings: 9



Campbell’s 98% Fat Free Ointment of Celery Soup, installment payments on your 50 serving Campbell’s 98% Fat Free Cream involving Chicken Soup 2. your five serving Onion, diced, no. 75 cup Celery instructions 1 medium Stalk, a couple of serving Low Fat Milk products 1%, 0. 30 portion Bisquick Healthy Heart 1C dry mix, 1 pot Water, tap, 2 pot (16 fl oz) Rooster Tyson Natural and organic BoneLess Epidermis free Chicken Breasts twenty four oz of *Mixed Vegetable, Kroger frosty, 6. 666 glass *Chicken Bouillon – Quick pluie, Wyler’s, 6 teaspoon one particular C Heart Healthy and balanced Bisquick mix 1/3 D milk products

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put all ingredients in crockpot, except bisquick

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