Bariatric Eating–Chicken Crust Pizza

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Minutes to Prepare: 15

Minutes to Cook: 20

Number of Servings: 8



of sixteen. 0 oz Ground Chicken breast – Extra Lean 1 ) 0 cup, pieces or perhaps slices Mushrooms, fresh 1 ) 0 cup Kraft Mozzarella Finely shredded Part Read cheese 1. 0 glass Kraft Shredded Parmesan Mozzarella cheese Natural Cheese 2. absolutely no serving Black Olives : Sliced can of chopped up 1. 5 serving Experts Touch Vine Sweet Little Peppers 3 peppers concerning 5 0. 5 glass Great Value Italian Stewed Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic herb, and Oregano 1. no tbsp Oregano, ground three or more. 0 clove Garlic 1 ) 0 tbsp Garlic dust 1. 0 tbsp Crimson onion powder 1. zero teaspoon Splenda

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Pre-specified the oven to 400 certifications Line a cooking linen with parchment papers. Squirt with cooking aerosol. Inside a bowl blend surface chicken, 1/2 associated with typically the Parmesan Cheese, plus .5 of the Mozzarella, put 1/2 the spices. Oregano, Garlic powder, red onion dust, salt, pepper plus several italian seasoning. Location surface mixture onto biscuit linen and roll smooth. Make 12-15 minutes, till gold. While Thecrust will be preparing food make pizza spices. Combination 1 can associated with tomato plants, garlic cloves, plus relaxation of seasonings. Coat grilled crust with Pizzas marinade, add remaining parmesan cheese in addition to toppings, and Cook right up until melted and uptempo 6-10 minutes. Meal: 1/8 regarding a Pizza Amount of Helpings: 8. 0 Formula published by SparkPeople consumer VELVETBLONDE.

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