Blueberry Chicken Stir-Fry

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Minutes to Prepare: 10

Minutes to Cook: 20

Number of Servings: 8



3. 3 Chicken Breast halves * Onions, raw, a single cup, chopped * Carrots, sweet, red, raw, chopped, a single cup 5. Brokkoli, fresh, 1 lot sliced * Cabbage, refreshing, 5 cup, chopped 5. Sesame Oil, 2 tbsp 3. Pineapple, fresh, a couple of pot, diced * Garlic herb, several tsp



Slice all vegetables and spot in separate bowls. Slice chicken into pieces in addition to mix with garlic, mi nombre es sauce if desired, blueberry juice from cut blueberry and hot sauce since desired. Within a wok, temperature sesame oil. Add onions and peppers and make for 2-3 minutes about high temperature. Add chicken breast and cook another very few minutes. Adding brokkoli in addition to cover for a new several minutes. Add weight loss plans in addition to cook until gentle. Finally add pineapple and be away from heat. Mix and after that deal with another second and assist. Number regarding Servings: 7 Recipe published by SparkPeople user CREATIVELIZA.

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