Brow rice & Vegetables Fried Rice

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Minutes to Prepare: 20



Mouth watering as a side or main food



1/2 medium onion thinly sliced 2 cloves garlic finely minced 1/2 Red bell pepper, seeds and pith removed, chopped up thinly into 2 inch strips Broccoflower, rinsed, florets and stalk, cut straight into small florets, remove about 1/4 along with the stalk end, peel stalk in addition slice thinly into 2-inch slices. 2 cups cooked brown rice, crumbled 2 tsp sesame oil 2 tsp accomplished sesame seeds (optional for garnish) 5-6 sprays cooking spray 1 scallion, chopped up thin diagonally (optional for garnish) Dashboard salt and pepper (optional)



This particular specific can cook quickly so create certain all of your items are usually prepped plus easy to reach. 3-second spray non-stick pan and heat upon high, include garlic and onions plus cook till garlic becomes aromatic mixing frequently in order to prevent burning up. Add Broccoflower and celery to griddle, stir frequently until broccoflower is fifty percent cooked. Add baby kale, brown grain, red bell pepper plus soy spices to pan (at this particular period, you can add 1 in purchase to 3-second cooking spray to the particular grain to loosen it and end this from sticking. Stir frequently till infant kale has wilted then change away from heat. Add sesame oil in order to deep-fried rice and stir to integrate this into fried rice. Garnish along with done sesame seeds and scallions Portion Dimension: Makes approx. 4 side meal helpings or 2 main dish helpings Amount of Servings: 4 Recipe posted simply by SparkPeople user RLVALD.

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