Chicken breast and mushroom Pie

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Minutes to Prepare: 30

Minutes to Cook: 20

Number of Servings: 10



installment payments on your 5 chicken breast fillets (skin and bone removed) 3 cups button mushrooms Bacon (1/3 packet) 1 / 2 a sizable white Red red onion 1 large carrot quarter cup worcestershire sauce a couple of tsp chicken bouillion or perhaps 2 small chicken cube 1 tsp dried German herbs Ground black tear gas to taste



Chop your onion, peel and even slice carrots into slender pieces, slice mushrooms straight into thin slices. Cube cash into small pieces. Piece chicken breast into smaller 1/4 inch bite dimensions pieces. Fry bacon and even onion in non keep pan over moderate high temperature, until onions are see-thorugh, and bacon fat is definitely reduced. Spoon out typically the excess bacon fat and even discard. Add chicken bits and cook until not any longer pink (just some sort of few mins). Add worcestershire, and enough water to pay chicken, approx 1. your five cups, add 3 tsps chicken bouillion, herbs, and even carrots and cover and even cook for approx 12-15 mins until chicken is definitely cooked and carrots happen to be tender. Add ground cayenne pepper to taste. Switch off of heat. Fry mushrooms throughout seperate frying pan using some tablespoons preparing petrol, or non keep bottle of spray, until just darkish, and even add to cooked properly rooster mixture. Combine around a couple of tablespoons corn starch using a few tablespoons normal water to create some sort of slender paste, and put to be able to chicken mixture, Go back rooster mixture to wood stove, and even cook until marinade thickens. Sauce must get dense, or it can ooze out when making cookies throughout the oven. Take out mix from the wood stove, and enable to cool entirely. Even though cooling, make some sort of small crust pastry employing typically the following ingredients. a single keep butter 3 tablespoons ice cubes water 1 as fast as possible outdone 1 cup flour Grate cold butter straight into flour or cut spread straight into small pieces by way of putting to flour. Chuck involving fingers until flour/butter mix resembles fine breadcrumbs. Put the egg and even normal water and knead to be able to web form a dough. Put cash in cling put and even refrigerate for thirty units. Remove one bed sheet involving puff pastry by field, and allow to be able to unfreeze on kitchen table. Preset the oven to around 450 farenheit. Grease quiche griddle. Remove the shortcrust pastry in the freezer, and converts out using rolling green, until significant enough to be able to line underside and factors of quiche pan. Puncture pastry using fork, regularly. Bake pastry in range for around 10 units, until pastry light darkish, or gonna turn darkish. Unfold use the e-cig pastry, when thawed, and even turns out and about to 2 times the type by using a floured rolling pin, and even floured work top area. Take out shortcrust pastry by range, and fill brown crust area using chicken mixture. Series typically the top with typically the use the e-cig pastry, and trim typically the left over bits involving puff pastry straight into foliage shapes, and enhance throughout centre of quiche. Whip egg yolk using some sort of few tablespoons milk products, and even use for coat top rated of pie. Bake throughout Moderate oven, for all-around 20 mins, or right up until light brown in coloring. Serve hot with greens, or cold the up coming day. Number of Amounts: 10 Recipe submitted by simply SparkPeople user CHANTELLE_SA.

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