Chicken breast and Sausage File Gumbo

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Minutes to Prepare: 15

Minutes to Cook: 60

Number of Servings: 8



(Gumbo Base) 1/4 Lv. Creole smoked sausage, sliced .5 inch thick. You could substitute Polish sausage when you can’t get creole. 2lb of boneless pores and skin free chicken breast 0.5 glass chopped green peppers(bell peppers) 1/2 cup very finely chopped up green shallots covers a couple of tbs. fnely minced refreshing parsley 1tbs carefully minced garlic 1 mugs cut onion. (The Roux) 2 to 3 mug olive oil .5 mug flour (The Solution plus the seasonings) 2 qt. chilly water 3 teaspoon. sodium (I never employ this) 1tsp black self defense 1/8 tsp cayenne .25 teaspoon dried thyme three or more entire bay leaves, killed two 1/2 to several the best spinner’s. file powder.

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Essential!!!!! make sure you prepare all of your elements before starting. Once an individual start making your roux you may not have moment in order to stop and slice anything at all. After assembling typically the elements for your gumbo bottom, inside a heavy several in order to 8 quart weed or even kettle heat typically the olive oil over hight temperature. Dark brown the chicken inside the particular oil, transforming them a couple of times to guarantee even lightly browning. Remove to be able to a warmed platter help to make in a new preheated a hundred 60 to 70 five degree ove in order to retain warm. Make roux by simply gradually adding the particular flour to the olive oil, stir constantly. Reduce the particular temperature and cook, constantly stir, until a medium sized dark brown roux (the shade regarding hazelnuts) is shaped. Any time the roux extends to typically the right color, right away put the sausage, red onion, efficient pepper, shallot surfaces, parsley and garlic. Keep on preparing food over low temperature regarding a couple of minutes more, nonetheless stirring, adding .25 glass in the water, typically the appropriated chicken, and just about all the particular seasonings except typically the record powder; mix thouroughly. Slowly stir inside the relaxation regarding the water. Boost the particular heat and deliver to some boil. next lower heat in addition to simmer the gumbo regarding 50 minutes in order to a great hour, or till typically the chicken is young. Blend frequently. Eliminate the weed coming from the heat in addition to next let the simmer perish down, adding the particular record powder and mix. Permit the gumbo hold out inside the whole weed for a few minutes right after adding typically the file, next swerve inside gumbo containers or strong soup ribbon over cut rice. Amount of Servings: 7 Recipe posted by SparkPeople user PHILSPHATWIFE.

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