Chicken breast Breasts, Breaded

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Minutes to Prepare: 15

Minutes to Cook: 35

Number of Servings: 2



a single – 8 ounce boneless Chicken Breast, no skin area 1 slice of Multigrain Bread (I like Milton’s = 120 cal/49g slice) 2 tbls Hidden Vly Ranch Lite Salad Salad dressing (31 grams) 1 tbls Parmesan Cheese, grated (6 grams) 1/2 tsp First-rate Herbs, dried



For making this recipe, you may need a blender, making cookies sheet and two short bowls for the dredging and breading. 1– Squirt baking pan w/ squirt oil and place besides. 2– Get two short containers or pie discs; fill your lite hacienda outfitting into one; in addition to the particular other is made for your current loaf of bread crumbs (to help save about dishes, you could employ waxed paper regarding the particular bread crumbs). 3– HELP MAKE BREAD CRUMBS: Split your current sliced of loaf of bread directly into 4-6 pieces. Consider the particular lid to your current food blender in one palm, in addition to the bread inside your current other hand. Decline the particular pieces of loaf of bread on the running rotor blades of any blender (quickly placing the particular lid within the blender at the same time so typically the bread breadcrumbs don’t break free. ) 4– Pour breadcrumbs into ready bowl, put 1 tbls parmesan in addition to 1/2 teaspoon italian herbal treatments and combine well. 5– Rinse each and every chicken chest and terry dry about clean document towel. 6– Dredge chicken breast breast directly into lite hacienda dressing to be able to coat equally sides, in that case in the breadcrumbs, and spot into oil-sprayed pan to be able to bake. Drop the left over breadcrumbs together with the rooster chest. 7– Bake throughout 350º oven for thirty five a few minutes. One 8-ounce rooster chest = two 4-oz amounts. *SERVING SIZE: My partner and i two-fold this recipe if preparing for me and even my personal hubby. I take in 1 / 2 my chicken chest intended for dinner and preserve typically the other half intended for lunch break the next working day. My personal husband eats the complete 8 oz rooster. ) **NOTE: You may well lower the calories by employing half of slice of bread– alternatively of dredging equally factors in bread, merely fall the bread mix in top. This will save you an individual 30 calories. ***DINNER GET TOGETHER NOTE: I include carry out this recipe frequently, analyzing it, each moment typically the chicken is amply lined, it is about out and about to 2 tbls (32-36 grams). If you make this recipe for some sort of social gathering or household, relax, pour enough hacienda dressing inside the bowl to be able to coat your chicken boobies, it should emerge good calorie-wise. A great area dish is Roasted Banane, Onions, Peppers Include a sliced raw sweet eliminato to the roasted vegies- this mix is each of our FAVORITE!

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