chicken breast enchilada casarole

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Minutes to Prepare: 15

Minutes to Cook: 30

Number of Servings: 6



Chicken breast breasts-3 4 1/2 glasses water Onion-3 tbsp Ingrown toenail Tortillas-10 Green Soup Refreshing roasted-1. 4 mug Flour 3 tbsp along with .5 cup cold drinking water Mozzarella cheese Mexican Blend Shreeded-1/2 glass Lettuce



Skin boil chicken with onions right up until fully cooked. Keep normal water and onions, take out and about chicken shred it and even then offer the area. Add flour to frosty water whisking then little by little enhance chicken/onion broth untill thick, place rooster again in pan, dice by means of adding green soup, inside frying pan bottle of spray hammer toe tortiallas with preparing squirt and brown singularly, next create a part of chicken breast sauce, throughout bottom regarding baking food, then position some dairy products sprinkeled, level five ingrown toenail tortillas on top in that case full the process just like lasagana, then bake intended for something like 20 minuets. makes half a dozen helpings. Amount of Amounts: 6 Menu submitted by simply SparkPeople customer JOEMELEAGLES.

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