Chicken breast Pot Pie with Statuette Crust

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Minutes to Prepare: 30

Minutes to Cook: 30

Number of Servings: 6



Substances * 1/3 cup distributed * 1/3 cup multi-functional flour * 1/3 pot chopped onion * half of teaspoon salt * quarter teaspoon pepper * a single 3/4 cups chicken broth * 2/3 cup milk products * 3 cups cooked properly chicken, cut into smaller pieces or cubes 3. 1 (16 ounce) case frozen peas and peas Crust * 1 pot flour * 1/2 tablespoon baking powder * quarter teaspoon salt * several tablespoons butter * one-fourth cup milk



Guidelines 1. 1 Crust: To be able to just a top darkish crust area. installment payments on your a couple of if an individual would just like a top rated and bottom, two-fold typically the recipe. 3. 3 or more Incorporate dry ingredients and even minimize in butter right up until that resembles small peas. 5. 4 Add milk products most at one and even blend only to moisten. your five. 5 Spill upon some sort of floured surface and even rub about 8 instances. 6th. 6 Roll straight into ideal shape, depending if you utilize some sort of round or pillow casserole dish. 7. 8 In the event that you are generating a couple of crusts, make confident an individual roll the underside single larger. 8. 6 Completing: Melt butter above small heat in some sort of major saucepan. 9. being unfaithful Blend in flour, sliced onions, salt and cayenne pepper. twelve. 10 Cook right up until mix is bubbly, stimulating regularly. 11. 11 Take out by heat and beat inside of broth and milk products. 10. 12 Put backside above heat and high temperature to be able to boiling, stirring regularly for the couple a few minutes, until thickened. 13. tough luck (YOU WILL IGNORE TYPICALLY THE ABOVE SHOULD YOU NEED ABOUT 2 AT THE SAME TIME LEFT OVER GRAVY–JUST HIGH TEMPERATURE UP THROUGHOUT A SAUCEPAN). 14. 13 Add rooster and frosty peas and even carrots in the mixture and even combine. 12-15. 15 Take out from high temperature. 16. 18 Putting that together: Preset the oven to be able to 425 deg. 17. 19 Pour rooster mixture straight into 2 four cupts casserole (lined with one particular crust if you need a bottom crust). 18. 16 Lay brown crust area over mix and hit into typically the inside corners of food. 19. 20 Make some sort of couple slits in typically the center involving crust using a quick knife. thirty. 20 For anyone who is doing some sort of top and even bottom brown crust place, crimp edges to close up. 21. 21 Bake intended for about 30 minutes, right up until golden brown. Number involving Servings: 6 Recipe published by SparkPeople user KARENMON.

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