D710DANCE’s Fake-Fried Chicken Thigh Stability

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Minutes to Prepare: 20

Minutes to Cook: 45

Number of Servings: 4



*Harvest Land, Cutlet Chicken ” leg ” Filets Boneless/Skinless), 16 oz of *Butter Flavor No- Keep Cooking Spray (1 bottle of spray = 1 Serving), 6 serving *Egg Beaters, actually zero. 25 cup *Onion powder snow, 1 tbsp *Garlic powder snow, 2 tsp *Lime Liquid,. 5 lime yields *Seasonings to Taste (Paprika, African american Pepper, Oregano, Sodium-Free Seasoning), 1 serving *Kikkoman Panko Japanese Style Bread Breadcrumbs, 1 cup *Kraft, First-rate Five Cheese, 14 gram(s)



Take out CHICKEN from package and even thoroughly rinse. Preheat range to 375 degrees Farenheit. (If you want to be able to reduce your cooking rise typically the temperature. ) Series a new baking pan using light weight aluminum foil and casually layer with all the SPREAD FLAVOR NO-STICK COOKING BOTTLE OF SPRAY. Place CHICKEN BREAST in some sort of mixing pan and put LIME JUICES, SODIUM-FREE SEASONER and OVUM BEATERS, in that case set besides (I authorized the chicken breast to marinate inside the blend overnight throughout the fridge). In some sort of large recloseable bag incorporate all dry out ingredients (BREAD CRUMBS, RED ONION POWDER, GARLIC OIL POWDER, ADDITIONAL SEASONINGS TO BE ABLE TO TASTE IN ADDITION TO ITALIAN CHEESE). Remove CHICKEN BREAST in the CALCIUM JUICE, SODIUM-FREE SEASONING and even EGG BEATERS mixture, devote the resealable bag and even coat together with the dried ingredients. After the ROOSTER has been consistently lined place the CHICKEN BREAST for the baking pan, guaranteeing of which the pieces carry out certainly not touch. Lightly water typically the chicken together with the SPREAD FLAVOUR NO-STICK COOKING SQUIRT. Spot inside the oven and even bake for forty five minutes. Makes approximately 4 servings (should be about 4 oz of. each). Amount of Amounts: some Recipe submitted by simply SparkPeople user D710DANCE.

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