Dijon chicken with portabella mushrooms

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Number of Servings: 4



a single Ilb chicken breast ( I used the some what finely sliced breast) just one The best spinner’s. regarding honey 2 the most effective spinner’s. dijon mustard just one crimson pepper sliced very carefully chopped portabella caps (about a couple of caps or a single pre-sliced package) half a choice onion ( sweet or perhaps red) 4 oz destroyed aged cheddar cheese non-stick cooking spray



Just before heat oven to 450 mix together honey in addition to dijon mustard in a new small bowl and established aside. Spray skillet amply with non-stick cooking squirt add mushroom caps, make meals for approximately 5 mins about medium heat next in addition to chili peppers keep on in order to cook until mushrooms get smaller done and potatoes commence to soften, put red onion and cook one more pair of minutes. place griddle aside. place chicken breast inside another skillet period together with salt pepper in addition to garlic herb powder cook above medium sized heat for 3 in order to four minutes per aspect. Get rid of chicken from frying pan in addition to place on cooking linen sprayed with preparing food squirt. Brush each item regarding chicken with dijon marinade, then spoon crimson pepper/onion mixture over each and every. Leading with cheese. Make regarding about 15 mins or perhaps until chicken is usually grilled through. Makes some helpings. Enjoy! Number regarding Helpings: 4 Recipe posted by simply SparkPeople user DANIELLEY128790.

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