Easy Chicken Curry

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Minutes to Prepare: 2

Minutes to Cook: 20

Number of Servings: 4



a couple of cups jasmine rice a single bag (12 ounces) taken stir-fry vegetables 12 oz . cooked chicken breast beef, chopped or shredded a single cup jarred yellow curry sauce chopped cilantro intended for garnish (optional)



Make the jasmine rice in accordance with package directions and fixed aside. Prepare the taken vegetables according to deal directions. Create a channel saucepan over medium high temperature in addition to add the rooster in addition to vegetables. Stir inside the curry sauce and high temperature right up until the sauce starts off to be able to simmer. Remove by temperature. Divide the hemp between four plates, in that case leading with the rooster in addition to vegetables. Portion dimensions: .5 cup rice, additionally a new single cup meat and even veggies Photos by Whitmeyer Photography.

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