Effortless Turkey

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Number of Servings: 10



a single lb ground turkey a single lb ground chicken several eggs 1/4 cup read milk 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese 2 cups practiced bread crumbs 1/2 choice onion (or 1/4 pot dried onions) 1 tea spoons garlic powder 1 tea spoons Italian seasoning (or mixture some oregano, basil, thyme, whatever you like) non-stick spray



Pre-specified the oven to 350*F. Mix all of typically the ingredients within a large pan (it’s recommended that an individual occurs hands). When if you’re making meatloaf, set within a large loaf skillet that’s been dispersed along with non-stick spray. Make for around a hour. When if you’re making meatballs, spin within your hands a tiny little bit (about 1 oz. ) into balls help to make on the sprayed dessert sheet. Spot about just one inch aside. Bake regarding 20 moments. You could make considerable amounts of such at a period in addition to freeze them upon typically the baking pan (so they will don’t freeze collectively within a big clump). After that when they’re frozen simply push them inside a freezer carrier and reheat only simply because many as you will need!

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