Fried Rice Recipe by Solaria Restaurant

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Hello Welcome back to King Of Recipes.

Devina Hermawan Today we’ll be making Fried Rice Recipe by Solaria Restaurant The style is similar to Solaria or Fried Rice from other Chinese restaurants. In Indonesia. It’S not Chinese-style. Somehow Chinese restaurants in Indonesia, especially the local ones, have this style of Fried Rice. It’S different to Indonesian-style, fried rice, Maybe we’ll cook that in another episode Here are the ingredients We’ll need garlic, shallots, chili, green onions For the sauces, there’s fish, sauce, soy, sauce, oyster sauce and sweet soy, sauce.


The margarine is optional, You can also add dried shrimp, but here I’m just making a simple version with easy-to-find ingredients. The filling is also optional. It’S up to you, I’m using chicken fish, balls, shrimp and eggs. Of course, we’ll need rice suitable for Fried Rice. Don’T use mushy rice as it won’t taste as good Okay, first … We need garlic and shallots, You can blend puree or slice them, but I’ll puree them to enhance the flavor, I’m grating, both of them, I’m grating them just so, there’s not a lot. I have to wash

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You can grind them too, Whatever you want Next heat the wok When making fried rice, the hotter, the wok, the more fragrant the results. That’S why, in Chinese restaurants, they use high-pressure stove You’ll, get a more fragrant, fried rice with less cooking time. It’S important to cook the shrimp and chicken first, as if you cook it with the rice, they’ll release lots of water That might make the fried rice not fragrant After we saut everything until they’re, fragrant, adding shrimp and chicken in will make them wet again. The wok’s temperature will drop too diminishing the aroma. That’S why we saut these two. First After they’re cooked and a bit browned add some oil to the same wok. Don’T use too little oil this time, But it’s okay to use less. If you’re trying to reduce oil intake,

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Add the eggs in Once the eggs are fragrant and foamy. Add the garlic and shallots in Cook them until fragrant and there’s no raw smell Once they’re, fragrant and cooked with no raw smell. Add the fish sauce in first When it comes in contact with heat fish. Sauce will exude a better aroma, Then add the fillings in The fragrant is fierce. It’S really good Next. Add the rice in Add the oyster, sauce and sweet soy sauce in

Also, the soy sauce Pepper, Also sugar, It’s optional, for, if you like the dish to be a bit sweet Aside from this Solaria Fried Rice. Lately, I’ve been sharing lots of restaurant dishes. Nowadays, I often experiment on restaurant dishes when I miss them Since the pandemic started. I’Ve been limiting my mobility If I can stay at home, it’s better to stay at home. If you have to leave home, don’t forget to follow the correct health protocols, Keep your distance, wash your hands with soap and, most importantly, wear a face mask It’s not only to protect yourself, but also to limit the spread of virus. Right now I enjoy wearing cloth, face masks from Rider. It consists of three layers: microfiber and spandex. It’S effective, antibacterial, antivirus and anti-droplet. The cloth is comfortable for daily use as it’s breathable. So it’s not stuffy. There are lots of types too, like ear-loop for hijab and head-loop It’s available in many sizes, including kids’ size. Let’S continue our cook. I think it needs more green, so I’m adding more green onions.

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To make it more fragrant, we’ll finish it with margarine, but it’s optional, I’m not using a lot To make it even more similar to restaurants. You can add flavor enhancers to taste, It’s definitely savory and fragrant, because we fried the eggs until they’re really fragrant.