Fading Chicken Philly Cheese Sub-contract

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Minutes to Prepare: 10

Minutes to Cook: 15

Number of Servings: 4



some whole wheat hoagie progresses 1 pound chicken bosoms 1 yellow onion, chopped up 2 bell peppers, chopped up 2 banana peppers, chopped up 1 tablespoon white wine beverages vinegar 1/4 teaspoon dark-colored pepper 4 slices provolone cheese



Pre-specified the grill on higher. You can put chicken between 2 bedding of plastic cover in addition to flatten slightly along with a new rolling pin or even various meats mallet. Remove the particular various meats from plastic. Barbeque grill various meats until internal heat extends to 165 degrees, regarding 12 minutes. Remove through temperature and set apart regarding 5 mins. Chop various meats into 1/2 inch dice. Even though the meat is preparing food, heat a big bond skillet. Coat with nonstick cooking food spray. When typically the skillet is hot, put the particular onions. Saute about medium-high for five minutes, right up until onions become tender. Put the particular peppers and make with regard to 10 more mins. Include the vinegar to be able to bond pan, stir to be able to clean up any deposits upon the bottom regarding your baking pan, and get rid of from warmth. Divide typically the meat plus peppers in between the buttocks. Top each and every with the slice regarding cheese. Cover sandwiches inside foil plus return to be able to the barbeque grill for a couple of minutes in order to melt typically the cheese. Cut each hoagie in fifty percent and assist hot.

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