Fiber One Strawberry Dessert

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Minutes to Prepare: 5

Number of Servings: 1



4 Oz Cottage Cheese (breakstone’s 2%) 30 g Fiber One Cereal 1/2 glass Strawberry SugarFree Jello (1 serving) 100g Strawberries (about 5) Splenda (optional)



Helps make 1 Serving 1) Mix the holiday cottage cheese with splenda, to taste (optional) 2) Mix in the jello 3) Cut up the strawberries and combine in 4) Add the fiber a single and mix This might also be divided in a clear glass to display up more appetizing, and the fiber-one is just not get soggy as quickly. Quantity related to Servings: 1 Recipe submitted simply by SparkPeople user KATETOO.

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