Frothy Chicken and Rice Make

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Minutes to Prepare: 5

Minutes to Cook: 25

Number of Servings: 4



a single package frozen mixed greens 1 pound boneless, skin area free chicken breast, sliced straight into bite-size pieces a single tbsp. of no-salt seasoning mixture dark-colored pepper to style quarter cup light remedy dairy products 2 tablespoons rooster broth 2 cups cooked properly grey rice 1/4 pot whole-wheat breadcrumbs



Predetermined the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare typically the mixed vegetables according to be able to package directions, then strain lots of water. Meanwhile, predetermined the a medium fry pan above medium-high, then cover using cooking spray. Put typically the chicken to typically the griddle, season together with the no-salt seasoner blend and dark-colored cayenne pepper, and cook right up until not any longer pink, concerning twelve minutes. Remove by high temperature, then stir throughout typically the vegetables, cream dairy products, broth, and rice. Shift to be able to a greased 8×8″ making cookies dish and top rated using the breadcrumbs. Prepare 12-15 minutes, until typically the breadcrumbs are golden darkish. Section size: About a single pot Produced by SparkRecipes. contendo editor Stepfanie Romine Photographs by Whitmeyer Photography

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