Garlic herb and Cheddar Chicken Legs

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Minutes to Prepare: 45

Minutes to Cook: 75

Number of Servings: 6



some tablespoons margarine or get spread around 2 to 4 oz . sharp or extra sharpened cheddar cheese, diced extremely finely or grated .25 glass Parmesan cheese six to be able to 8 Chicken legs, skinned 2 to three or more cloves chopped garlic 3/4 glass plain or expert loaf of bread crumbs



Typically the seasonings in this chicken breast dish are amazing. Typically the whole dish is included with flavour. Serve with rice or perhaps wide noodles. 1 ) Pre-specified the oven to three hundred and fifty certifications F. 2. Sauté garlic herb in margarine for starters second, then remove container coming from flame to avoid using. In a dish, combine breadcrumbs and cheese. three or more. Dip chicken items inside margarine mixture, after that layer with breadcrumb combination. Spot in a cooking plate (if any garlic clove margarine mixture is remaining, fill over the chicken). some. Put in place the cooker and bake chicken regarding about one hour, next shut off the cooker and let it stay within the oven regarding a good additional 15 mins. five. Serve with hemp or even wide noodles of which possess been mixed together with the particular pan drippings in addition to parts of cheese previously mentioned the particular bottom of typically the meal. Makes 5 to 8 helpings based on how many poultry used. 1 part for each serving. Number regarding Portions: 6 Recipe published simply by SparkPeople user MCHERNANDEZ71.

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