Herbed Spinach, Feta, Ricotta filled Chicken

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Minutes to Prepare: 30

Minutes to Cook: 25

Number of Servings: 6



6th small-medium boneless, skinless rooster breasts 4 oz newborn spinach, julienned. 25 pot part skim ricotta. twenty-five cup reduced fat feta cheese 2 tbsp Light source sour cream 2 tbsp finely chopped sun dry tomatoes 3 cloves garlic oil, minced 1 tsp Dijon mustard 2 tbsp meticulously chopped scallions (green onions). 5 tsp salt (more or less to the taste). 5 tsp FRESH ground pepper Add various other herbs to your choice! Fresh or dried.. your five tsp oregano. 25 tablespoon basil 1 tbsp Excess Virgin Olive Oil



Pre-specified the oven to 375 certifications. Combine all components apart from olive oil plus chicken breast, until all components will be distributed. Using the paring knife, produce a pants pocket inside each chicken. We locate the most effective way is definitely make the particular pockets is usually to reduce a small-medium sized wallet with our paring blade, then employ my hand to help to make it larger. It’s effortless to cut a gap in the poultry together with the knife. Get your current stuffing mixture plus products it in every chicken breast breast. Brown every chicken breast, skin (smooth) part lower inside a med-high fry pan with essential olive oil or perhaps spread for 2 minuets each. Put on rimmed page pan and make with regard to 25 minuets. This specific will go great with our sauteed zucchini. Number regarding Portions: 6 Recipe published simply by SparkPeople user LIBBYIMLISTENEN.

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