Imitation Fried Chicken

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Minutes to Cook: 25

Minutes to Cook: 25

Number of Servings: 4



(1) lb. Boneless Skinless Rooster Breasts (approx 4 or perhaps 5 pieces) 1 pot japanese style Panko bakery crumbs 1/3 cup complete wheat flour 1/2 pot liquid egg substitute (egg beaters) Sea Salt



Pre-specified the Oven to 425 diploma. Mix flour plus flavoring in gallon dimension ziplock bag. Put the particular panko bread crumbs within a new 2nd gallon dimension ziplock bag. Within a dish, set the egg alternative. A single at a period, spot the chicken inside the flour/seasoning bag and tremble to be able to coat. Take away the chicken breast, shake off excess in addition to dip into the ovum substitute coating both attributes. Again, shake off excessive and place the chicken breast to the panko bread crumb bag and shake to be able to coat. Remove chicken, banging off excess; and spot onto a broiler baking pan. Cook at 425 regarding about 25 minutes. Modify your cooking time making possible the thickness of your current chicken. You can likewise use Breast tenderloins regarding “chicken strips” you could also cut the chest into 1 inch parts for making “chicken nuggets”. Food preparation times may decrease a bit in “strips” or “nuggets”

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