Kristin’s Herbed Chicken in Pastry

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Minutes to Prepare: 20

Minutes to Cook: 25

Number of Servings: 4



some skinless, boneless chicken bosoms 2 tbsp. butter OR PERHAPS margarine 1/2 pkg. Pepperidge Farm® Puff Pastry Bedding (1 sheet) 1 ovum 1 tbsp. water just one container (4 oz. ) garlic



TIME chicken with salt and even pepper if desired. Burn butter in skillet. Put chicken and cook right up until browned. Remove chicken. Cover up and refrigerate 15 mins. or up to twenty four hours. THAW pastry bed sheet at room temperature 25 min. Mix egg and even water. Preheat oven to be able to 400°F. UNFOLD pastry in lightly floured surface. Throw into 14″ square and even cut into 4 (7″) squares. Spread about a couple of tbsp. with the cheese distributed in center of every single square. Add a single tbsp. parsley and put cooled off chicken. Brush corners regarding squares with as fast as possible blend. Fold each spot to be able to center on top rated regarding chicken and close up ends. Place seam-side along about sheet pan. Wash together with egg mixture. PREPARE twenty-five min. or right up until gold. Number of Amounts: some Recipe submitted by simply SparkPeople user KRHINKY.

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