Marchele’s Fragnant Fried Rice

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Minutes to Prepare: 5



Decreased calories Fried Rice



three or more cups cooked Mahatma Jasmine Rice the particular single cup green beans 1 glass crinkle cut carrots 1 cup organic peas a single cup chopped onions two lg eggs 1/4 lite me llaman spices



Prepared Rice takes approx. 15 minutes : contained in Cooking Time above. 1. Inside a large frying pan add feed and vegetables until hot over average heat. second. While heating rice in addition vegetables, beat eggs. Once mixture is usually heated push to the sides connected with pan, until it comes with an opening within the particular middle pour eggs inside center associated with pan, scramble. a few. Once eggs are usually scrambled mix into rest of blend. 4. Include the soy sauce plus stir collectively once more. Makes: seven servings helping = 3/4 cups Amount of Portions: 7 Recipe submitted simply by SparkPeople user 2GETHEALTHY.

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