Mediterranean and beyond Chicken Crepes

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Minutes to Prepare: 20

Minutes to Cook: 15

Number of Servings: 4



Crepe: *Flour, white, 1 glass Egg substitute, liquid (Egg Beaters), 0. 5 glass *Horizon Organic Fat No cost Milk, 1. 25 glass Salt, 1 dash Stuffing: Onions, raw, 1 huge chopped *Kalmata Olives, 7 medium pitted and sliced Artichokes, 3 oz sliced Spinach, fresh, 2 glass Roasting Chicken, light various meats, 2 cup, chopped or perhaps diced Feta Cheese, no. 5 cup, crumbled Marinade: Sundried Tomatoes, 0. a few cup Basil, 2 tbsp *Philadelphia Fat Free Ointment Cheese, 8 oz *Horizon Organic Fat Free Whole milk, 0. 5 cup Garlic herb (Minced in Water), just one Tbsp Salt and Self defense to Taste

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In the food processor combine sundried tomatoes (rehydrated), Basil, Garilc, Cream Cheese, and Milk products and blend well. Put together all the ingredients intended for the crepes and merge until lumps are removed. Heat frying pan. Cover with cooking spray and even cook on first area and soon you see smaller pockets and starts to be able to grey. Turn and darkish in other side and even shift to a menu. In some sort of saute griddle over choice heat bottle of spray with preparing spray and even saute red onion until that they become apparent. Add cut chicken, sliced artichokes, sliced kalmata olives and bond till warmed up through in the previous minute add more in green spinach and chuck until wilted. Place Crepe for the menu, distributed sauce inside, and even put other ingredients and even throw like a burrito. Preserve a bit sauce intended for typically the top for coloring slender a little extra using milk and drizzle above. Meal: 1 Significant Crepe

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