Mild Mustard Honey Chicken instructions Baked

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Minutes to Prepare: 15

Minutes to Cook: 30

Number of Servings: 7



1 ) 3 lbs of skin area free, boneless chicken chest (or adjust as available) a couple of tbsp Extra virgin mobile extra virgin olive oil 2 tbsp mustard, recommend dijon or natural stone ground 2 tbsp tarragon – dry 2 tbsp honey (any kind)



Mixture wet ingredients with rooster in dish or cheap bag. Marinate chicken for as much as 24 hours before Pre-programmed the oven to 450 intended for 20 minutes. Spot rooster in glass plate or perhaps pan, using left over dressing that will put beneath chicken breast (for easy cleanup range using aluminum foil). Make rooster for approx 35 minutes*. *To check regarding doneness, make certain punctures makes clear juice from rooster. If chicken begins to be able to look too brown ahead of being done, cover throughout aluminum foil loosely right up until chicken is done. Produces approx 7 servings. Range of Servings: 7 Menu submitted by SparkPeople end user ZANNERQ.

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