Ointment Cheese stuffed chicken w/ Bacon

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Minutes to Cook: 40

Minutes to Cook: 40

Number of Servings: 4



5 Chicken Breast 1 pkg Neufchatel Cheese 8 strip Turkey Bacon 1 Tbsp Chives (adjust to the taste)



Pre-specified the oven to 375 degree’s (Optional) pound poultry or perhaps filet it therefore that is thin. Fill each and every Chicken breast with a couple of Tbsp. Neufchatel or ointment cheese, fold breast above and wrap 1 tape bacon around (N to be able to S) to hold chest together, and take typically the 2nd strip of bread and wrap in typically the other direction (E to be able to W) therefore it is seems like the pretty wrapped package deal; -). Place in cooker with regard to 40 min. Amount associated with Servings: 4 Menu posted by SparkPeople customer VGTIGGER.

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