Outdated Chicken and Dumplings

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Minutes to Prepare: 20

Minutes to Cook: 60

Number of Servings: 10



a few C water, divided just one egg, beaten 1 tsp salt 2 1/2 D flour, divided 1/2 D milk 4 chicken legs, bone and skin taken out 48 oz Swanson Chicken breast Broth 100% fat no cost and 33% less sodium and pepper to be able to flavor



Position the chicken in a smaller weed and cover using enough water to be able to cover (about 2 cups). Remove coming from water (now broth) and let to be able to cool. Chop directly into smaller pieces. NOTE: Any time My partner and i make the chicken breast typically the night before, I actually set the broth inside typically the refrigerator in a distinct container. Doing this, typically the excess fat are always removed by typically the top of typically the broth before further prep. Inside a bowl, using a new fork, beat along a new single cup water, as fast as possible, salt, and 2 cups of flour until stiff, although sticky, dough forms. In dough board, heap one particular cup of flour. Fixed dough inside the midst regarding flour and change thus that all factors are layered with flour. Begin going out typically the dough, scattering the area with flour to hold typically the rolling flag from keeping. About .5 cup flour (included inside the food count) may eventually get incorporated inside the cash, or be dusted in the surface. Transforms out and about as thinly since probable. Cut dough together with stand knife into 1″ a 1″ pieces. Inside some sort of Dutch oven or perhaps significant pot, take the appropriated broth and the Swanson’s broth, in addition to 2 cups of water, to a skin boil. Decline in the dumplings very little by little, stimulating from time to time, until all happen to be extra. Cover and simmer some to five a few minutes. Put chicken, salt, cayenne pepper, in addition to milk. Let fixed regarding a few a few minutes just before serving. 1 offering sama dengan 1/2 cups Variety of Helpings: 10 Recipe published by simply SparkPeople user WEIGH2BIG1.

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