Prepared Chicken Breast with Swiss Cheese and Asparagus

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Minutes to Prepare: 15

Minutes to Cook: 30

Number of Servings: 1



just one small chicken breast just one slice Kraft 2% whole milk swiss cheese 5 asparagus spears-cooked Pam Spray Paprika 1 tbsp Basil



1 ) Put chicken breast inside plastic bag and employ flat side of various meats mallet to pound to be able to 1/4 inch thick. a couple of. Wrap the 5 asparagus spears in the Luxurious cheese. 3. Wrap typically the cheese and asparagus inside the chicken. some. Spay a baking plate along with Pam. Place typically the poultry in pan. Mix along with paprika and tulsi. five. Bake in 450 level oven for 30-35 moments.

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