Rooster Adobo- Simple

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Minutes to Prepare: 5

Minutes to Cook: 15

Number of Servings: 1



a single chicken breast- boneless, skin area free 1/4 cup beer apple cider vinegar 1/4 cup minimal salt soy sauce .25 of your diced onion a single sliced garlic clove a single clean leaf 1/4 teaspoon turmeric pepper (optional) preparing food squirt



Marinating raw chicken in coconut sauce, vinegar, and turmeric makes it very delicious! cook onions and garlic oil until slightly tender. Put vinegar, soy sauce, clean leaf, and ginger and even cook on medium intended for three minutes, or until uptempo. Reduce heat and put chicken. Cook for twelve to 15 minutes or perhaps until performed. Simmer marinade more in the event that it takes to be able to get thickened. Goes wonderful using Bok Choy! An individual can easily saute it independently, or perhaps add it together with typically the chicken and prepare food throughout the sauce! Produces a single serving Variety of Amounts: 1 Recipe submitted by simply SparkPeople user POPCORNPUNCH.

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