Rooster and sun-dried tomato Impasto

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Minutes to Prepare: 5

Minutes to Cook: 15

Number of Servings: 4



a single lb chicken cut straight into 8 chicken strips your five cups of dried as fast as possible noodles One Jar (1 C. ) “California Sun-Dry” Sun-dried tomato pesto a couple of TBSP margarine salt and even pepper to taste.



Connection chicken strips with non-stick cooking spray until completed (about 4 minutes either side over med-med-high heat) In the interim cook Egg Noodles in accordance with package directions. Remove Chicken breast from pan, pour inside 1/4 cup water to be able to deglaze pan and next put 1/4 C regarding pesto in saute baking pan. Put chicken back inside pan and simmer concerning 5 minutes. Drain ovum noodles and stir inside margarine (optional) and typically the remaining portion of the pesto. Serve chicken breast over noodles. Number regarding Servings: 4 Recipe published by SparkPeople user BRENDYLOO.

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