Rooster Quesadilla served with Palabrota Salad

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Minutes to Prepare: 15

Minutes to Cook: 25

Number of Servings: 4



~ 4 small whole grain tortilla wraps ~4 tbsp salsa ~4 tbsp very low fat sour cream ~2 tbsp guacamole ~2 med-large boneless, skinless chicken boobies ~1 cup shredded romaine lettuce ~1/4 cup diced onions ~1/2 cup destroyed cheese



~cut chicken into cubes and even pan fry in some sort of non stick pan using a little water or perhaps non fat cooking bottle of spray ~once chicken is totally cooked (20 mins) fixed aside ~I prefer 5 small tortilla wraps, spot your 2 small safety gloves over a baking bed sheet (do not grease making cookies pan) ~spread 1 tbsp involving salsa on every single involving the wraps (2 gloves = 2 tbsp involving salsa) ~layer diced rooster on salsa be sure you abandon about 4 tbsp involving diced chicken away intended for salad ~divide typically the onions equally between typically the a couple of tortillas ~same should go using the cheese, break down involving the 2 gloves ~place the remaining tortillas in top to help make some sort of sandwhich or quesadilla ~bake in oven with 375 degrees F intended for twelve minutes or untill top rated tortilla is glowing brown leafy ~for the greens, break down the 1 pot involving lettuce equally straight into a couple of portions ~divide typically the left over chicken between typically the a couple of salads ~and work with left over salsa, sour ointment

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