Rooster tenders

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Minutes to Prepare: 10

Minutes to Cook: 16

Number of Servings: 4



a couple of Chix breasts, bone and even skin removed, cut straight into strips. 5 cup First-rate style progresso bread breadcrumbs. 5 cup (8 tbsp)Fat free italian salad attire 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil



some servings. About 5 parts per serving, depending about how thick you slice your strips, your providing should equal half a new chicken breast. Pound out there and cut off extra fat on the chicken when not already done. Slashed chicken breast into whitening strips. ( I usually halve the breast first, as compared to cut eat half directly into 5 strips about. 5- 1″ wide) Fill loaf of bread crumbs into a new mediterranean sea size bowl or perhaps Clear plastic resealable bag Comb chicken breast breasts with similar sum of italian outfitting. (I like to allow it marinate for awhile) Next place strips in pan, throw out to coat consistently, when using a carrier, shake in order to coat. Comb extra virgin olive oil about the base of a new baking linen, (i such as to employ a dessert sheet or perhaps shallow cooking pan). Set strips inside single level bake inside the cooker @350 certifications F, regarding 16 mins, or right up until golden dark brown and fruit drinks run very clear, turning around 50 per-cent way by means of. Amount of Helpings: some Recipe submitted simply by SparkPeople user SARAHSMILEZ.

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