Sauteed Chicken with Cherry Tomato plants

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Number of Servings: 6



three or more tbsp extra virgin extra virgin olive oil 1-1/2 lbs boneless, pores and skin free chicken breasts four cloves garlic, chopped six tbsp shallots, chopped a few glasses cherry tomatoes 1-1/2 tbsp ground oregano six florida oz white wines just one tsp salt one teaspoon ground black spice up



High temperature 12 inch skillet, Nederlander oven or casserole using lid. Pour in petrol and heat until really hot. Line pan using a batch of rooster breasts and fry above high temperature until glowing brown using one area, concerning 2-1/2 to several mins. Turn over and even dark brown other side. Take out together with tongs and proceed pistolet remaining pieces. Fixed chicken breast aside. Reduce high temperature to be able to medium, put garlic oil in addition to shallots in griddle, in addition to saute’ until savoury, concerning a minute. Add cherry solid wood tomatoes, oregano, white wine beverage, salt and pepper and even saute’, uncovered, about 5 to 4-1/2 minutes, moving pan occasionally. Return rooster to pan, cover and even cook about 10 to be able to 15 minutes, or right up until chicken is done. Style for seasoning and adapt if possible. Scoop chicken out and about onto platter and work with rice or above mashed potatoes.

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