Single mother’s Chicken Pasta Salad

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Minutes to Prepare: 10

Minutes to Cook: 10

Number of Servings: 25



of sixteen oz box of tiny pasta shells 10oz could of chicken breast just one c of fresh or perhaps thawed peas (do NOT NECESSARILY use canned peas) .25 c of chopped reddish onion 1/8 c associated with sliced celery (or a lot more when you love celery) 6th hard boiled ovum : chopped 1/2 chemical regarding Miracle Whip gentle sodium



Make box of shells while directed. Drain shells enabling cool. Drain chicken and even separate chicken. It have to look shredded. In some sort of large mixing bowl, incorporate half of the masks, all of the rooster, peas, onion, celery, as fast as possible and miracle whip. Blend until completely blended. Little by little add in other masks and continue to blend until completely blended. Salt and pepper to tastes. Cover and refrigerate right away. Makes about 25 1/2-cup servings.

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