Smoked Chicken with Lemon Thyme

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Minutes to Prepare: 5

Minutes to Cook: 25

Number of Servings: 4



half of Tablespoons Lemon Juice quarter Teaspoon Thyme (Ground) half of Teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes 1 Clove Minced Garlic oil 1/4 Cup Olive Petrol Salt Black Pepper 5 Boneless Chicken



Produces 4 Chicken Breasts 1 ) Preheat Grill or Broiler 2. In a low food, combine lemon liquid, thyme, chili peppers flakes, garlic oil, salt, and dark-colored cayenne pepper. Coat the rooster inside the mixture. several. Grill typically the chicken boobies over relatively high high temperature or pan for 6 to 5 minutes. Convert and cook right up until rooster is done, about twelve minutes longer. 4. Work with green salad or perhaps steamed vegetables for some sort of healthy dinner. Number involving Servings: 4 Recipe published by SparkPeople user MJPOLL01.

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