Special and Sour Chicken

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Number of Servings: 4



13 oz. boneless skinless chicken breast 2 TBS canola olive oil 1/4 tsp sesame olive oil 1/4 C flour master with 1/4 tsp paparika and 1/8 tsp surface ginger 1/2 C Pinapple Juice from small might pinapple chunks in their own natural juices .25 C brown sugar, a bit packed 2 TBS Purple Wine Vinegar or Beer Vinegar (I use reddish colored wine vinegar) 1/2 efficient pepper, coursley chopped .5 yellow onion, coursley sliced 1/4 C rum or perhaps dark wine 1 efficient red onion



Produces 4 servings 1. Dice up chicken into attack size pieces; coat throughout flour mixture; heat typically the oil in the fry pan; add chicken and alternative peppers and onion and even fry over medium high temperature til cooked through. Put the rum, cook 25 seconds; Add pinapple bits and cook one more a single minute. 2. Meanwhile, throughout a tiny bowl, mixture typically the pinapple juice, darkish sweets, and vinegar. several. An individual should have some sort of smaller amount of pinapple liquid in can involving pinapple. Take 2 THE TOP SPINNER’S on this juice and even add corn starch to generate a paste. Schedule. An individual can be adding this kind of to be able to the whole mix after. 4. Pour typically the special and sour marinade above the chicken and even cook a single minute; Nowadays add typically the reserved pinapple juice/corn starch paste to be able to the fry pan. Cook right up until thickens. your five. Top using green onions. I provide this using jasmine hemp. Number involving Servings: 5 Recipe published by SparkPeople user SANDYMCM42.

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