strawberry banana mango frozen dessert using soft tofu

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Minutes to Prepare: 45

Number of Servings: 40



to get 4 servings use Frozen fruit… 4 bananas 300g strawberries 60g mango 1tsp limade concentrate 8g soft tofu 10ml carnation evaporated milk and or fats free yogurt or coconut, soy or even other liquid to keep the food blender going regarding 50ml or less



have got the ability to fruit frozen. The person can cut them into smaller sized dimensions to help your blender after that maintain frozen. combine the tofu plus scripted milk and put in the particular fridge until very cold or simply topping over (about 1/2 hour). Place fruit/limeade in blender. Blend on higher whilst slowly adding the tofu/canned milk products mix. If needed add more milk/yogurt/coconut milk/water/juice to keep it going till properly blended and creamy. pour straight into specific cups and return to fridge pertaining to approximately 15-20 minutes before portion. Portion Size: makes 4 servings regarding 100g each (1/2 cup) Number associated with Helpings: 40 Recipe submitted by SparkPeople consumer SLIMSHANN.

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