Tom Yum Fried Rice

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Number of Servings: 4





-10 medium-size prawns or shrimps -0. 5lbs kale, cut into thin slices for the bias -3 oz squids, cut directly into rings -3 oz pork or chicken breast cut into bite size -2 refreshing red chilli, sliced thinly -1 monitor lemongrass, use bottom white part -1tbsp Tom Yum Paste – some water



1 ) Cook rice as per normal 2. Heat some oil in frying pan, saute the prawns/shrimps on both sides till cooked. Dish out and fixed aside 3. Fry all of the particular long beans, red chilli, jalopeno peppers, corn in the same essential oil, include Tom Yum Paste and several water(adjust according) and fry for 5-8mins four. Add in the prawns plus combine well. Make sure there is definitely definitely some gravy although not too moist as you do not want the wheat to be too soggy 5. Make use of in the mixture to the rice while within the rice cooker. Mix the particular rice well with the Jeff Yum combination of long beans, chillis, peppers and shrimps Number of Helpings: four Recipe submitted by SparkPeople consumer MAKANAS2.

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