Tuscan Chicken Milano

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Minutes to Prepare: 5

Minutes to Cook: 20

Number of Servings: 6



several cups whole grain dinero 2 tbsp olive petrol 1/4 pound chicken boobies, cut into bite-size bits 10 garlic cloves, sliced 2 tbsp all goal flour 1/2 cup rooster broth 1/2 cup sunshine dried tomatoes 1 can easily evaporated milk 2 tbsp grated cheese



Put together the pasta according to be able to package directions, omitting salt and oil. Heat typically the extra virgin olive oil in a huge, heavy saute pan. Put the particular chicken and make meals more than medium heat right up until no more pink. Exchange to the plate, by means of adding the particular garlic. Make meals for starters moment, until typically the garlic will be fragrant in addition to starts in order to soften. Put the flour and blend well in order to combine. Make meals for two minutes, stir constantly, till the flour is light brownish. Thoroughly pour in the particular chicken breast broth, using the particular rear side of a wood made spoon to scrape typically the bottom from the baking pan plus release any cooked-on pieces. Add the grilled poultry, sun-dried tomatoes in addition to dairy, and cook regarding two minutes, until typically the combination simmers. Drain typically the nudeln, reserving two tablespoons associated with the cooking solution. Eliminate from heat in addition to include the cooking solution plus the pasta. Throw out in order to evenly coat typically the nudeln, then add typically the parmesan cheese and toss once more. Function immediately. Serving Sizing: can make 6 servings (1 mug cooked pasta in addition to a few ounces cooked chicken)

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