Western world African Chicken and Cashew Stew




Minutes to Prepare: 10

Minutes to Cook: 25

Number of Servings: 4



Extra virgin olive oil, 1 tbsp 1/4 glass diced red onion just one tbsp. Ginger Root a couple of tsp. Jalapeno Peppers, cautiously diced 1 tsp Soups powder, Chicken Broth, a new single cup Natural Big Peanut Butter, 1/2 glass 2 Tbsp. Tomato Substance 1 Tbsp. Cider Apple cider vinegar Chicken, Cooked, Diced, a few cups Scallions, uncooked, two large Chiles : Ortega, Fire Roasted Diced Eco-friendly 1 can



Thoroughly chop the red onion, ginger, and jalapeno, in addition to roughly chop the chicken breast. Heat oil in a new heavy pan, add thoroughly diced onion, ginger, in addition to jalapenos, season with salt, and saute about a couple of minutes. Add the republic of chile powder, mix into additional ingredients, in addition to saute concerning 1 second more. Put chicken share, peanut spread, tomato substance, and the apple company cider white vinegar, stir, in addition to bring in order to a small boil. As shortly since it starts in order to skin boil, lower heat in order to a new very gentle simmer, put roughly chopped chicken breast in addition to green chiles, lightly blend to mix, in addition to permit simmer 10-15 mins. (Resist the urge in order to blend it very significantly, or perhaps the chicken may demolish apart, that you may want here. ) Although mixture simmers, wash, dry out, and slice green onions. After 10-15 minutes, lightly stir again if typically the oil through the peanut get spread around has separated. Serve warm, with a generous small number of green onion parts on each of your serving. Causes 4-6 servings (calories computed regarding 4 servings) Amount regarding Servings: 4 Menu posted by SparkPeople customer EUMENIDES_K.

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