Wholesome Chicken Vegetable Casserole

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Minutes to Prepare: 15

Minutes to Cook: 30

Number of Servings: 6



10 oz cooked chicken boobies, diced 2 T most purpose flour 2 Big t butter, unsalted 10 oz of skim milk 1 crunch white pepper 1 big t Italian seasoning 1 Big t parmesan cheese, grated 8 oz penne pasta, whole grain 2 yellow or red bell peppers, chopped a single zucchini, chopped 2 brain, approx. 12 ounces brokkoli, chopped 1/3 c monterey jack cheese nonstick baking spray



Make the white sauce by simply placing the butter throughout a tiny sauce pan of which has been preheated above medium heat. When typically the butter foams, put flour and stir intended for a single minute; try certainly not to be able to let the mix convert brown. Add milk products for the mixture and proceed to be able to stir until that commences to bubble. Lessen high temperature and simmer intended for twelve minutes. Add cayenne pepper, First-rate seasoning and parmesan dairy products to the marinade. Blend to mix. Make meals dinero according to deal guidelines. While pasta is definitely preparing, preheat oven to be able to 450 degrees. During typically the previous minute of typically the pasta’s cooking, add typically the sliced broccoli for the normal water. Let to simmer intended for one particular minute. Drain typically the dinero and broccoli. Spray typically the bottom and factors of your 9 X tough luck oven-proof casserole dish using nonstick cooking spray. Throughout a sizable bowl, incorporate the dinero and brokkoli with typically the chicken and even chopped greens; cover using the marinade. Place throughout the making cookies dish. Drop with typically the Monterey plug cheese and even cover using foil. Prepare for thirty minutes; take out foil and even continue to be able to bake right up until cheese is definitely melted.

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